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Our Home Inspection

Getting a home inspection by a qualified inspector can provide valuable information for the homeowner, home buyer and real estate agent. The inspection will take about two to three hours.

To avoid questionable practices, we do not perform any repair work on homes we inspect and therefore serve justice to the property in its current condition.

During the inspection, we will look at the major systems of the home as well as under the sinks, in the closets and at the mechanical aspects of the doors and windows. We will run the dishwasher (put in soap if you are ready to wash, and it will be done for you!), flush all the toilets, run water in the sinks, tubs, and the showers. We will operate the furnace and air conditioner (if the temperature is above sixty-five degrees). We will look at the main electrical panel and check the water heater. If accessible, the inspector will inspect the attic area, and if the home is on a raised foundation, we will inspect it also.

Personal belongings will not be disturbed during this inspection. Any area that the owner wishes to be left undisturbed will not be entered. Please advise the inspector of these areas.

No one expects a house to be faultless, but it is valuable for all concerned parties to be aware of the relative strengths and weaknesses of a property. We are reporting the condition of the property on the date of the inspection and making suggestions for maintenance of the home. Cosmetic issues should be apparent to the buyer and will not be reported on by this company.

Our Technology

At Expert Home Inspections, we use a state of the art software package specifically designed for home inspecting. Combine that with our touchscreen laptop, and we can inspect your home and fill out the official report on site. Our report is a full electronic report including color pictures. Using our mobile office, we provide onsite printing so that the day you get the inspection is the day you hold the final report in your hands. We strive to bring you the best service in town. Please call today for your free price quote and general information concerning a home inspection.

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